About Alex Feil

German native Alex Feil is a nice guy. All he wants to do is make films that entertain. Over the course of his much-lauded career, Alex has managed to put his unique, sometimes epic, stamp on sarcastic humor and character performance in auto advertising and beyond. Being a successful comedy director requires an overall mastery of storytelling and timing, skills Alex built for years as an editor. Although his films have been awarded around 100 times worldwide, what remains the most important thing to him is what you think of his work.

Alex is also a member of the Art Directors Club, where he serves as a juror for international advertising festivals.

Alex Feil
Netflix - Tudum
Alex Feil
Orange Bank - Tellement simple, tellement mobile
Alex Feil
BMW - The Small Escape
Alex Feil
Edeka - Thank You
Alex Feil
Huawei - It's In Your Hands