About Jesper Ohlsson

If you were to describe Jesper with three words it would be music, water and film. Being a music buff from an early age, Jesper played in bands and collected records. He developed a near enough obsession for old soundtracks and thought he’d be a music composer for films. So, off to film school he went but soon realised that making films was exactly his thing. And what about the water? Well the love for water blossomed when Jesper learnt to surf in Australia while backpacking. Since then he takes any chance at being close to water and is even thinking about buying an old wooden boat to do up. Oh and guess what, if he wasn’t a director, he’d be selling oysters on a beach. Maybe with his new best friend, Nelson, the Labrador puppy.

Jesper Ohlsson
Netflix - Basement
Jesper Ohlsson
Netflix - Mustache
Jesper Ohlsson
Yandex - Fisherman