About John S Park

Born in Korea, John spent his formative years in Los Angeles where he studied at UCLA. Skilled in multiple disciplines, John has an impressive list of commercial, documentary, and short form content that's distinctive for mixing the narrative and image-driven styles of both Eastern and Western advertising traditions. Traveling and shooting regularly between his homes in LA and Seoul, John is known for directing real people and actors alike, moving effortlessly from documentary to scripted productions. The result is a body of evocative, sensory work complimented by powerfully visual technique.

John S Park
LG OLED - Fire
John S Park
Hyundai - This Is Us
John S Park
Renault - Pro+
John S Park
Hyundai - Little Giant
John S Park
Hyundai - Coaches
John S Park
Hyundai Elantra - Extreme Boldness