About Manu Coeman

As a kid, Manu used to direct Legos, Dinkytoys, electric trains and Playmobil characters. One night after seeing Spielberg’s “Duel,” he woke up deciding he would direct films. After film school in Belgium and a much-lauded shortfilm, “Ketchup,” Manu went on to direct some 300 ads, which won at Cannes Lions, Clios, Eurobest and Epica Awards. Manu’s skilled use of humor is immediately apparent. This comedic craft stems from Manu’s meticulous planning, natural gift for cast selection and never failing positive energy on set.

Manu Coeman
CAMIF - Le lit de Lili
Manu Coeman
Porsche - Yoga
Manu Coeman
Peugeot - Stratagèmes, Le Chien
Manu Coeman
Beobank - Be on your side