About Thibault Dumoulin

Thibault Dumoulin is a French film fascinated by exploration in all its forms.

“I love punks, underdogs and look twice at the so-called normal. I'm just another human of the 21st century who wants to be a chronicler of his time.”

As a trans-genre film essayist, Thibault’s work often deals with a sense of adventure, freedom and offers a straight forward way of capturing reality and the present.

Thibault’s passion for surfing and filmmaking has lead him to make several adventure documentaries. He has directed music videos for artists such as Citizens, Clement Froissart, Feder, Natas Loves You, Hollysiz, Rover, Fhin (etc) and has worked for brands such as Nike, Nikon, Adidas, HP, and Peugeot among others.

Thibault has been awarded Best Director at the BMVA, his videos selected by Vimeo Staff Picks, and he has won Best International Music Video of the Year at Festival de Court de Bogotá.

Mr Giscard - Pho
Thibault Dumoulin
Peugeot - Beyond The Search
Thibault Dumoulin
HP - Leave a selfie