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Gabriel Dugué
Gabriel Dugué
BOUCAN #1 "Sweet Drift"
Gabriel Dugué


BOUCAN #1 "Sweet Drift"
Skyn (DirCut)
INFINIT' feat. Alpha Wann
Vivre Bien
DJ Pone feat. JAW
Gabriel Dugué

Gabriel Dugué is an upcoming director from the sun-soaked city of Montpellier. After training as a film maker he founded a rap group, Set&Match. With his passion for music, film and exploring the unknown he asserted himself as a rapper and as the manager & director of the Set&Match music videos. After making music for six years and performing at nearly 300 concerts the band decided to separate. This was the opportunity for Gabriel to dive headlong into his first passion: becoming a director. He has directed a series of cool hiphop music videos (Deen Burbigo, Gros Mo, Némir, Perfect Hand crew) and commercial spots (Wrung) and is looking to do even more.

We had the pleasure of producing his latest for DJ Pone, "Highways". This music video was reviewed in international press & won him the Best New Talent Award at the Club des DA Awards in Paris.