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'Tout va Bien' for Greg&Lio

This month Greg&Lio won yet another “Victoire De La Musique" Award with Orelsan’s “Basique” for Best Music Video!  Their first Victoire being awarded for Jain’s music video Makeba produced by Art Bridge - Quad Group in 2017. 

This dynamic duo have directed artists across many genres and during their recent partnership with Orelsan & Quad Productions, Greg&Lio directed « Tout va bien », a second music video from the album ‘La Fête est Finie’.

Their first film 'Basique' notched up an incredible 1.6 millions views within 24 hours, and the hashtags #Orelsan & #Basique were highly trending on Twitter’s topic the day.  The directors imagined a highly creative and challenging idea based on a single-sequence shot for the entire 3-minute film.  This was set on a Ukrainian bridge and produced with help of a drone and of course a few rehearsals! The directors discretely hid a few references, specifically for Orelsan’s fans, who then took great delight decrypting the video on the internet. A perfectly timed choreography with no less than 350 extras, Greg&Lio integrate the album’s release date to the end of the film and transformed 'Basique’ into a splendid marketing stunt.

In mid-November, the duo returned to Ukraine with the Quad Productions team to shoot ‘Tout va Bien’. In this film they translate Orelsan’s text, referring to societies indifferences, into striking visuals.  Orelsan narrates a story to young boy and in turn changes life’s troubles into a game. Greg&Lio created an uneasy and icy real life atmosphere and then induced different juxtapositions with oversized children’s’ toys.  These featured an impressive real life 6x6 meter Rubik’s Cube and a 10 meter robot, not to mention the numerous other post-produced toys throughout.  These toys remind the viewer of childhood naivety, provoking an uneasy feeling for the viewer, whilst all the time being reminded by the lyrics ‘tout va bien’ (‘all is well’).

The sky is the limit for Greg&Lio, as these boys keep going from strength to strength, including a recent nomination at the Grammys 2018!

Photo: Chris Saunders / Art Bridge

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