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YDA-winng Series 'Boucan' Is Back With Another Powerful Profile In La Cible

After winning a Silver Young Director Awards at this past Cannes Lions for the first episode « Sweet Drift », the Boucan series is back with « La Cible ».
About this episode:
La Cible (French for “the target”) is a motocross club situated in a former stone quarry in an industrial area near the Mediterranean Sea. The track is run by Sebastien who also lives there. A local motocross legend, Sebastien was born with a condition that normally wouldn’t have allowed him to ride a motorcycle, let alone compete and teach. We follow his daily life with his wife and young daughter.  

Boucan: n.m from the occitan bocan - Noise, fuss, ruckus
Boucan is a short series of portraits combining music video codes and a documentary approach. The 3-to-5 minute films mix video, film photography, VHS and personal archives. The aim being to develop a personal project around their hometown Montpellier, in the South of France on the Mediterranean Coast. They chose subjects who embody the free spirit and the passion of our culture and region.

Directed by: Gabriel Dugué and Hugo Kerr
Photography by: Fabio Caldironi
Grading: Arthur Paux
Prod Company: Grand Crême
Music: MiM feat Jaw
Sound design : Emilien Bernaux

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